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Project Overview

PayMyCosts allows society residents to pay all kinds of society charges with the help of the web and mobile application. The apps are made on hybrid technologies to make them lightweight and cross-platform compatible using the same code base

Platforms Android, iOS, Windows & Web
Design tools Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator
Front end technology Angular JS, Cordova
Back end technology PHP core

Digital property management application

Pay My Costs provides the consumer with a comprehensive search engine and property professionals with a hi-tech platform

Pay My Costs works with two kinds of users, one is the consumer who wants to buy/rent a property and second, property professionals, who want to sell/rent their property. All they need is to register their details on the PMC application.

Property owners or society owners can post their properties or society details with pictures, rates, addresses, etc. Property users can search properties by type of properties like Residential and non-residential, location, price range, etc. Search results are available in both list search format and map search format. User can send interest request to owners via application. The owner will receive the interest request and then both of them can contact each other using the Pay My Costs chat platform.

It’s very easy for tenants to pay their rents online and keep track of the dates and the month in which the rent is paid and in which month is it not. They can even create invoices or access the old ones if necessary by themselves and send it to the concerned person in an instant.

Pay My Costs is the ultimate digital property management application that educates and guides the audiences while going step by step through the entire process assisting both the buyers and the sellers without any hesitation.

Design Experience

We're small but impressive. Hand crafted pixel perfect designs.
Find properties on paymycosts and become a part of it. Add one or more properties on paymycosts.
View payment billing history to manage your monthly expenses or generate invoices
Get payment alerts before payment dues. Get notifications of promocodes and offers from paymycosts
Generate billing invoice for payment instantly. View invoices of previous bill payments
Refer your friends to earn points. Use that reference points during bill payments

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